Our company controls the quality process strictly , we use the precise instruments to measure all products specifications and appearances  to ensure  every customer's needs。

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine VMF Image Processing Measuring Machine

Detecting Instruments

Manufacturer Name Model# XYZ Travel(mm)
WENZEL 3D CMM LH65(650*600*500) 650 750 500
LIH RURNG VMF IPMM VMF-2515 250 250 200
Digimatic Calipers(0-300mm) Borematic&Holtest(10-150mm)
Micrometer(0-150mm) Bore Gage(18-150mm)
Rod Gauge(ψ15/ψ35/ψ40/ψ72) Surface Roughness Tester(0.75mN)
X Travel:17.5mm/Y Travel:360μm (-200μm~+160μm)
Height Gauge(0-300mm) Depth Gauge(0-75mm)
Digimatic Depth Gauge(0-300mm)
Coating Thickness Gauge(0~2,500μm或0~99.0mils) Internal Caliper Gauge(20-75mm)
Block Gauge(47 sets 1.005mm-100mm) Ring Gauge
(φ12/ φ15/ φ16/ φ25/ φ35/ φ40/ φ62/ φ72/ φ80/ φ125/ φ120φ)
Thread Ring Gauge
(M22*1.5P/ M27*1.0P/ M28*1.5P/ M52*1.5P/ M40*1.5P/ M47*1.0P)
Inside Micrometer(5-50mm)
Thread Gauge Thread Gauge
M2XP0.4 M12XP1.75 M32X1.0 M2XP0.45 M14XP1.0 M33X1.0 M2.6XP0.45 M15X0.75
M34X1.0 M3XP0.5 M16XP1.0 M35XP1.0 M4XP0.7 M16XP1.5 M38XP1.0 M5XP0.8
M17XP1.5 M42XP1.0 M6XP1.0 M18XP1.0 M47XP1.5 M7XP0.75 M18XP1.5 M47XP1.0
M8XP0.5 M19XP1.25 M49X1.0 M8X10 M19X1.5 M50XP1.0 M8XP1.25 M22XP0.8
M52XP1.5 M8XP1.25 M22XP1.0 M55XP1.0 M9X0.75 M22XP1.5 M56XP0.75 M9XP1.0
M23X1.0 M56XP1.5 M10XP0.75 M24X0.75 M60X1.0 M10XP1.0 M24X2.0 M62X1.0
M10XP1.25 M25X1.0 M65XP1.25 M10XP1.5 M26X1.0 M70XP1.5 M12XP1.0 M29X1.0
NPT1/8-27 M12XP1.5 M31X1.0 NPT1/8-28 2.56UNC 4-40UNC 4-48UNC 1/4-20UNC
6-32UNC 8-32UNC 10-32UNC 7/16-20UNF 3/8-24UNF 3/4-16UNF 15/16-20UNF 5/16-24UNF
G1/4 0.830-14NGO PS1/2山14 TP1/8 M3X0.5 M4X0.7 M5X0.8 M6X1.0
M8X1.25 M9X0.75 M10X1.5 M12X1.0 M12X1.25 M12X1.5 M14X1.5 M18X1.5
M21X1.0 M22X1.5 M22X1.27 M26X1.0 M27X1.0 M28X1.5 M29X1.0 M31X1.0
M34X1.0 M35X1.0 M40X1.5 M47X1.0 M51X1.0 M52X1.5 M60X1.0 M62X1.0